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Natalie Hunter of Modesto,CA wasted no time finding success with her new ball by bowling her first sanctioned 300 in the very first game of league on July 27th. The 18 year old phenom followed up perfection with a 234 and 228 for an outstanding 762 series.

Even with only 5 years of bowling under her belt, she has picked up the game quickly by averaging 195 in her last winter league. Natalie credits her father, Dwayne, for teaching her how to bowl.

Natalie is a graduate of Central Valley high school and plans on attending Modesto junior college in January. She also wasn't hesitant to add that "The Elite Black Label is now my favorite ball"....congratulations Natalie.

Tournament Titlist
Winner Equipment Tournament Prize
Brian Voss Cheetah/R47 2006 PBA Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Classic $40,000
Emmit Panaguiton Green Alien/R43 ABT Nationals-Reno, NV $35,000
Tony Wilke Gold Label Minnesota Amateur Bowlers Tour $5,000
Curtis Woods R43/Cheetah 1st place PBA Western Regional-Camarillo, CA $3,000
Curtis Woods Shark/Green Alien/R43/R47 1st place PBA West/Northwest Region Earl Anthony Memorial Classic-Dublin, CA $3,000
Rick Francis Shark PBA West Region Jackson Rancheria Classic $2,500
Wayne Garber Scorpion/Green Alien 1st Place PBA West Region AMF Visalia Open $2,500
Wayne Garber Black Label 1st Place PBA West Region Vanessa Brown Homes Open $2,500
Curtis Woods Green Alien/R47 PBA Cedar Lanes Open-Fresno, CA $2,500
Jim Phillips Alien/Cheetah/R43/R47 1st place PBA West Region Vise Open $2,500
Wayne Garber Black Label PBA Northwest/West Regional Roxy Ann Lanes Open Champion $2,000
Dave Lee Kirtley R43 Scratch ABT Nationals, Las Veagas $2,000
Eric Seebacher PBA Platinum AMF West Allis Lanes, WISCONSIN $1,315
Eric Seebacher Green Alien A.B.T. Tournament-Menomonee Falls, WI $1,055
Jo Ann Ingledue P43 Women's Iowa State Doubles  
Mike Weltzin R43 Waterloo City Singles-Waterloo, IA  
Danny Combs R47 Military Championships-1st place Doubles  

Honor Scores
800 Series    
Rick Soto 855 Green Alien
George Gaucin 854 Black Label
Andrew Toro Sr. 846 Green Alien
Brandon Dooley 846 Green Alien
Joe Ortag 846 Black Label
Steve Berry 845 R43
D. Scott Johnson 837 Green Alien
Charles Billings 837 Green Alien
Kris Netherton 836 Cheetah
Mark Parnell 836 Solar Eclipse
Trent Pint 827 R43
Brian Voss 826 Cheetah
Wayne Garber 826 Cheetah
Ron Hoover 824 Green Alien
Kris Netherton 823 Green Alien
Kris Netherton 821 (2) Viper
Jim Johnson 818 P43
Rich Eighme 817 R43
Wayne Garber 816 PBA Platinum
Gary Gilman 815 R47
Wayne Garber 815 Cheetah
Bryon Smith 815 Black Label
Andy Buelow 814 RS48
Bob Hanson 814 R47
Joey Harris 814 R47
Kris Netherton 814 Green Alien
Mike Weltzin 814 R47
Danny Combs 812 R43
Marty Deh 812 Scorpion
Kris Netherton 812 Viper
Andrew Granite 811 Black Label
Kris Netherton 811 Viper
Ron Hoover 811 Green Alien
Andy Solberg 810 Green Alien
Evan Olson 809 R43
Joe Ortag 809 Viper
George Gaucin 807 Black Label
Wayne Garber 807 Green Alien
Wayne Garber 806 Chameleon
Dennis Green 806 Blue Alien
John Davis 806 R47
Michael Deboe 806 Shark
Kris Netherton 806 Shark
Noel Vazquez 806 R43
Marty Deh 805 Viper
Scott Bartlow 804 Black Label
Wayne Garber 804 Gold Label
Andrew Toro Jr. 804 Shark
Joe Shaw 803 R47
Wayne Garber 803 Gold Label
C.J. Pardini 803 Scorpion
Andrew Toro Sr. 802 Chameleon
Dan Fairchild 802 R47
Rick Soto 802 R43
Mike Weltzin 802 Green Alien
Jake Dreier 801 R43
Trent Pint 801 R43
Joe Ortag 801 Black Label
Kris Netherton 800 Viper
Rich Eighme 800 R43

300 Games
Bill Baker   Gold Label
Leo Beschorner   P43
Zack Beschorner   R43
Jeff Bortell   R43
Tyrone Brewington   Eclipse
John Brinker   P43
Anthony Brown   Gold Label
Buddy Brown   R43
Tom Cavey   Black Label
Frank Caya   R43
Mike Chase   Cheetah
Drew Christensen   R43
Corey Clinton   R43
Danny Combs   R43
Albert Conover   Shark
Jim Decker III   Cheetah
Donald A. Deppe Jr.   Black Label
Marty Deh   Viper
Brandon Dooley   Green Alien
Joe Duran (2) Blue Alien
Greg Ebenal   R47
Donny Eickers   RS48
Fran Eighme   R47
Rich Eighme   R43
Anthony Fairbanks   Cheetah
Wayne Garber (4) Cheetah
Wayne Garber   Chameleon
Wayne Garber   Blue Alien
Wayne Garber   Gold Label
Wayne Garber (2) Black Label
Wayne Garber (5) Green Alien
Wayne Garber   R43
George Gaucin (2) Black Label
Wayne Gibson   R47
Anthony Glaze   Chameleon
Bob Gronwoldt   R43
Steve Hamontree   Gold Label
Jack Hamrick   RS48
Bob Hanson (3) R47
William Hodroski   Green Alien
Ron Hoover   R43
Natalie Hunter   Black Label
Troy Kendrick (2) Viper
Dave Kirtley   Gold Label
Dave Kirtley   Black Label
Nikki Lunsford   P43
Steve Lunsford   Solar Eclipse
Steve Lunsford   RS48
Steve Lunsford   R43
Ron Hoover   Green Alien
Ian Johns   Shark
Ken Johns   Solar Eclipse
Dave Jones Jr.   Green Alien
Jim Kovac   Green Alien
Andrew Mnichowicz (2) Shark
Jason Morgan   Shark
Casey Nelson   Solar Eclipse
Casey Nelson (3) R47
Kris Netherton (2) Shark
Kris Netherton (3) Green Alien
Kris Netherton (3) Viper
Kris Netherton   R43
Kris Netherton   Cheetah
Evan Ohlson   R43
John Origer   Blue Alien
Joe Ortag   Black Label
Joe Pacheco   R43
Emmit Panaguiton   Scorpion
C.J. Pardini   Scorpion
C.J. Pardini   Shark
Mark Parnell (2) R43
Mark Parnell   Solar Eclipse
Ryan Parnell   Solar Eclipse
Aaron Pawloski   Black Label
Trent Pint (2) R43
Heorhi Pryhozhy (2) R43
Chris Quaty   Green Alien
Mark Quintel   Chameleon
Matt Radin   R43
Art Ramirez   Gold Label
Steve Schroeder   Shark
Dave Schwarz (1) Green Alien
Pete Scrempos   Green Alien
Steve Seepersaud   Eclipse
Rodger Smith   P43
Rick Soto   Green Alien
Rick Soto (2) R47
Andrew Toro Jr.   Shark
Andrew Toro Sr.   Green Alien
Andy Toro Sr.   Solar Eclipse
Noel Vazquez (3) R43
Noel Vazquez (2) Cheetah
Brian Voss   Cheetah
Scott Walters   Eclipse
Scott Walters   Solar Eclipse
Jason Walton   R47
Jason Walton   RS48
Kevin Wilson   R43
Mike Wiltzin   Green Alien
Curtis Woods (2) R43
Curtis Woods   Scorpion
Curtis Woods   R47
Curtis Woods (3) Green Alien
John Young   Chameleon
John Young   Green Alien
John Young   Black Label

Mark Parnell 1123 Solar Eclipse (4 games MN State Record)
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