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Elite is a one-stop-shop for bowlers, providing the best-in-class bowling supplies. Our extensive range of products will elevate your game to the next level.

Predators and aliens are at elite!

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High performing bowling balls are designed to provide maximum hook potential and hitting power. They are made of advanced materials and feature innovative core designs that optimize ball motion and energy transfer. High-performance balls also offer enhanced control, allowing bowlers to better adjust to changing lane conditions and achieve higher scores.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
The elite alien LE is one of the best balls I have ever purchased. Improved my game a great deal. Thanks guys!
— Mike B.
Customer reviews
Been buying elite balls for years! Need to release a new high performance ball soon.
— Dom C.
Customer reviews
Thanks for the quick shipping! The Kona's are really light weight and fit great. 👍
— Susan M.