Elite Men’s Predator Black/Carbon Right Hand Bowling Shoes

$139.95 $249.95

The Elite Predator men’s bowling shoe by Elite combines comfort and performance like never seen before. The combination of the microfiber upper along with TPU outsole of this shoe ensures the upmost comfort while you’re on the lanes. And the additional features of this shoe such as the interchangeable slide pads and heels make this the perfect choice for a wide variety of bowlers. Use this shoe to dial in the perfect slide for any approach and any style and watch your scores improve.


  • Minimal Break-In Time Required: The Predator is designed by bowlers, for bowlers. That is why we utilize the TPU outsole, making it easy to take these shoes out on the approach and use them comfortably right away. No need to wear these shoes around your house or the office to try to break them in. Once you put these shoes on, you’ll experience comfort like never before.
  • Perfect for Many Styles: The overall design and price point of this shoe make it the perfect offering for all serious bowlers as well as bowlers looking to take their game to the next level. League bowlers and tournament bowlers will find a lot of success with this shoe and be able to take advantage of all its features.
  • Loaded with Extra Value: The Predator is loaded with extra value, including extra interchangeable soles and heels included so you can dial in the perfect slide from your first ball. There is nothing worse than spending money on a product, only to have to spend more to get the most out of your purchase. The experience you will have with the Predator is easy and hassle-free, and will make your time on the lanes that much more fun. 
  • Availability: This shoe is available in men’s sizes 8-12, and 13, and is available in medium width.
  • Proven and Tested: The Elite Predator features a popular, tested, and proven design that was beloved amongst a wide range of bowlers. The stylish microfiber upper provides a modern, yet professional look for all bowlers. Not only will you feel good using these shoes on the lane, you’ll look good too.
  • On the Shoes: Slide S8, Heel H5 and H2
  • Additional in The Package:  Slides S6 and S10 and Heel H7